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Cooking Pot


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Cooking Pot Resipies

Cooking Pot

What is a cooking pot? - The magical cooking pot is located in Mystery Island and belongs to Jhuidah the Island Faerie. If you place certain items in the pot as a gift to Pango Pango, he may give you a very rare item in return. But if your gifts don't please the God your items would be rejected immediately. Note that if you want to get something in place of those items back, the items you put in the pot must be correct and mustn't have two or more of the same item 

Cooking Pot Recipes

Pet Pet Recipes

Blooky = Angelpuss + Triffin

(Blooky) = +


Huggy Bear = Huggy + Cool Purple Teddy Bear

(Huggy Bear) =  +


Froiler = Bloop + Baby Fireball

(Froiler) = A cross between a pool ball and a spot of ink, the Bloop + (Baby Fireball)


Foobug = Buzzer + Fungree

(Foobug) =  Buzz buzz buzz!  Keep your pet happy all day, playing with this buzzy thing! + (Fungree)

Moink = Snorkle + Mongmong

(Moink) =  Why not adopt this cute baby piggy today?  But beware, it eats a lot of food. What a pig! + (Mongmong)

Spoopy = Spider + Poppit

(Spider) = Ohh...the Spyder is creepy...make sure your Neopet isnt afraid of it!!! +

Combobot = Neotrak + Avabot

(Combobot) = The Neotrak will fetch anything your pet wants, which is why it is so expensive! + Avabot is the ultimate pet...he never needs feeding and can shoot lasers out of his eyes when provoked.

Ultra Pinceron = Wheelie + Pinceron

(Ultra Pinceron) = The Wheelie was a project gone wrong. This happy little robot just wheels about smiling at people... + Pinceron will give anyone who tries to scare your pet a nasty nip!

Ultra Mega Bot 2000 = Combobot + Ultra Pinceron

(Ultra Mega Bot 2000) = (Combobot) + (Ultra Pineron)

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