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Sickness Cures


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Disease Symptoms Cure
Neogitus Your pet's gums become sore and swollen. It has difficulty eating or drinking. Brush their teeth with a Medicinal Toothbrush
Bloaty Belly This is what happens when your pet eats too much. Your pet will complain of being bloated and will refuse to eat anything. Feed them some Flat-u-less Tablets
Fuzzitus This is an allergy to fluff that all pets get now and again, especially bad for JubJubs!! Shake some Fluff Be Gone on their fur
Achy Head Your pet will have a nasty headache and feel very under the weather. Rub some Magic Goop on their head
Shock -A- Lots Your pet's fur will be full of static and anything it touches will give off electric sparks. Wearing Ultra Rubber Gloves
Watery Eyes Your pet will look like it is constantly crying even though it may well be quite happy. Rub Onion Balm around their eyes
NeoBlues Your pet is feeling very down in the dumps, it shows little or no interest in playing or eating anything. A Tasty Pie will cheer them!!!
Floppy Tongue Your pet's tongue has become all swollen and floppy. Your pet will not be able to close its mouth and will drool a lot. Give them a Tongue Shrinker Injection
Cricky Neck Ouch - your pet's neck is very stiff and it can't move its head at all. Wear a special Neck Brace
NeoMites Your beloved pet's coat is covered with lurgees that hop around and make your pet scratch. Give them a NeoMites Injection
Blurred Vision Your pet will see spots and may bump into things all the time. Wearing Extra Thick Goggles
Neggitus One too many Neggs can cause an allergic reaction, swelling of the ears and dizziness. Give them a Neggitus Injection
Sneezles Your pet will have a runny nose and sneeze constantly. Give them a Magic Cookie
D'achoo Your pet will go into a massive sneezing fit, and its eyes will become very sore. Wipe their nose with Neopkins
Shaky Flakys Your pet will start trembling uncontrollably and its skin will be dry. In extreme cases, the skin may even start to flake off. Rub some Shaky Flaky Cream on their skin
Grumbles Your pet's stomach will begin to make the loudest of noises and it may be from its food Take four Grumble Be Gone Tablets
Chickaroo Your pet will think it is a chicken, pecking the ground for food and crowing at dawn. Feed them Herbal Scrambled Eggs
Bloaty Feet Your pet's feet will swell and grow in size until you give it the necessary antidote. Make them wear some Magic Smelly Socks
Kikoughela Your pet will have a sore throat and coughing fits. Give them 2 spoonfuls of Kikoughela Syrup
Lumps Your pet will be covered in large, yellow, itchy lumps. Give them a Medicinal Mud Bath
NeoPhobia A chronic fear of leaving the house. Make them wear a pair of Step Out Shoes
Hoochie Coochies Your poor pet will break out in blue and green spots. Give them some Hoochie Coochie Tablets
NeoMonia This is a nasty illness that needs urgent medical attention. Your pet will feel sick, tired, and grumpy until you give it the cure. Bathe them using Medicinal Soap
Neezles Your pet will break out in red spots if it's suffering from Neezles. Give them a Neezles Jab
Itchy Scratchies A nasty disease where your pet is covered in amazingly itchy red lumps. Rub some Itchy Scratchy Cream on the lumps
NeoPox If your pet has NeoPox it will be covered in very itchy, contagious red blotches. Feed them a slice of NeoPox Pizza
NeoWarts Your pet will have big cauliflower like lumps growing on its body. Feed them some Neowart Fungus
Bubbles Your poor pet will constantly hiccup bubbles. Give them a mug of Bubbles Herbal Drink
Neo Flu Your pet will refuse to eat, appear flushed and be very sleepy. Feed them a handful of delicious Neoflu Jelly Pills.
Fuzzy Fungus In the most severe cases your Neopets fur can turn purple as it begins to turn into a Fungus Ball. Give them one serving of Honey Blossom Extract
Ugga-Ugga Possibly the worst Tyrannian disease, your Neopet's throat becomes so sore that all they can do is make Ugga noises. Give them a warm cup of Sporkle Syrup.
Reptillioritus Caused by a bite from a venemous Reptillior, the skin becomes very red and itchy. Your Neopet will refuse to eat and feel very tired all the time. Rub Cactopus Cream on the affected area.

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