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Wellcome to my neoworld! This is the pllace where you can get all the information you need to own great neopets and the best account! There are info on how you get the secret avatars, blogs, cooking pot, games, great guilds, cheap shops, good neo accounts, and more!!!! So your welcome and time!

Who goes there!?!

Neo News

This were pics for the front page in neopets, for the halloween!
Well, aren't these just great!
The invisible Koi, Lenny and Flotsam. So pretty!

Look at the new shadow pteri! Its ok I guess!
Yes after months and months of cheking kreludors page to see if it has been updated it finally has.

KRELUDOR is the first (and only) moon of Neopia. Some say it's where Grundos came from, and some say its populated be evil, giant robots. Who knows!

One thing I would mention however is that if you look at the moon through a very VERY good telescope, on some nights you may be able to see strange bright lights moving over the moon's surface.
Wow! If you have not already noticed Neopets has re-drawn the Haunted Woods map. I think it looks fabooolah ! Kudos Neo!
Don't forget that today is Half Price Day! So all you hungry restockers (and those of you who just want good deals) go check out the Neopian Central Shops and all other Neopets run shops!

I hope everyone is having a great Halloween. We have some new Halloween treats. First off, potions from the Brain Tree.

Then, we have some random things.

finally a new Battledome Challenger!


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