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About me self!!

Hey! Im Maymi, i have 3 best best best friends (jk, ht, rp). But i had to move wayyyyy far away from them! >:P , but hey i can mail them and i live in JAPAN!!! But i reeeeally miss my friends! So i can't wait to see them, if i will(hopfully).

*WHEW* i survived 2 months of skool!!!!!! I live a new skool!!!!!!!!!! (uhhhhh sorry,lol) I know im craaaazy!!



Anime/Manga/Cartoons/Movies- Sailor moon, Stand Up, Lizzie M. (don't know how to spell last name,lol) , hamtaro, Castle in the sky, spirited away, Totoro, Gold Member, HOME MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Food- Candy, Pizza, Sushi, Macorroni & Chesse, Japanese Milk.


Thats what dreams are made of!